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5 Tips for Reducing Noisy Rain Gutter Downspouts

June 7, 2019

One issue that can occur with your gutter system, is nosy gutters.  Water coming through your gutters can cause noise, and that noise can become increasingly annoying.  So, we have compiled a few helpful tips that can help reduce the noise created by your gutters and downspouts.

  • Use An Elbow Made from PVC

You can swap out metal elbows and replace them with PVC joints. This will reduce the echo made by the water rushing down the metal elbows. The noise on vinyl is reduced considerably compared by its metal counterparts.

  •  Adjusting the Downspout Angle

You can also adjust the downspout angle. If you position the downspout further from your house, it will help you reduce the amount of noise created by the gutters. Water will flow better and not drip as much.  Using a spacer or longer clip will help make this an easy fix for your home.

  • Insulating Your Downspouts

You can also muffle the sound of the water by insulating the downspout. This will overall help with reducing the surface vibrations and muffle the amount of noise you hear from the water flowing through your system.

  •  Absorbing Noise with Rope or Chains

Adding a rope or thin chain to the inside of your downspout will also help reduce the amount of noise you hear from your gutters. It will reduce the water to a trickle instead of dripping. It is recommended to use nylon rope, and to attach it from both openings at the top and bottom of your downspout’s openings.

  •  Lose Fixtures

Noise in your gutters can also mean something is loose. If you hear rattling in addition to dripping, you should check to make sure everything is tied down and secure. If not secure this could lead to more issues that could be costly in the future.
These are just some of the recommendations we suggest to clients who are wanting to reduce the impact of noise that can sometimes be created by their gutter system. For all your gutter needs call the experts at Legacy Gutters. Our gutter cleaning experts can assist you with anything you may be experiencing. Call (719) 464-8945 to schedule your appointment today!

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