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Choosing the Right Gutters for your Commercial Building

Maintaining the presentation of the façade of your business is just as important as maintaining the inside of your building. That is why it is important to choose the right accents that will best fit the building your business currently resides in. Choosing the correct gutters can add to the attractiveness of your business overall.  Gutters protect your building from being damaged from water accumulated from the elements such as flooding. Mold, spots, and other potentially harmful water damage.

It can also improve the overall exterior of the building and extend the longevity of the property.  They can also change the appearance of the façade. For example copper gutters can make the building appear more elegant. There are a variety options you can choose from to help create the look you would like your commercial building. Here is a guide on the different shapes, styles, materials you can choose from.Metal, Wood, or Plastic

The most popular version of rain gutters is made of metal. You can find them in a variety of metal materials such as copper, aluminum, or galvanized steel. When shopping for gutters, you will see that copper and aluminum are more expensive and on the high-end portion of the spectrum while galvanized steel is more on the cheaper end of the spectrum.
Other options that are new to the to the market are plastic gutters. This option is popular among home owners because they don’t corrode, are affordable, and low-maintenance. They are relatively easy to install yourself, with the only downfall to this gutter style is that they are sold in parts, which means they cannot be shaped especially to your commercial building’s overall needs.
Another beautiful option that enhances the elegance of a commercial building is wood gutters. Although they are expensive and high maintenance, their overall life span is relatively long, and they can last up to 20 plus years. If you choose this option, make sure to use a quality wood such as redwood, pine, and cedar. Also, be mindful, that choosing wood means you will need to schedule time for more cleanings to maintain them.

Style Choice: Half-Round Style or K-Style

Different styles offer different functionalities to better serve your commercial building. For example:  The K-Style gutter helps prevent stagnant water from causing leaks and prevents water insects such as mosquitoes from breeding.  While the Half-Round gutters drain water a lot better than flat bottom gutters do.
If your façade has more antique accents to it then half-round gutters will compliment it perfectly. While K-Style, Square, or angular gutters tend to compliment commercial buildings with contemporary facades.  You can choose the style that best suits your style based on architectural attributes, and how often you would like your water collection system cleaned.

Seamed Gutters or Seamless Gutters

For commercial establishments, seamless gutters are recommended verses sectioned gutters. Seamed gutters pose a variety of issues for commercial buildings, because they are prone to leaks especially if you cannot solder them like you are able to with plastic. Seamless rain gutters are available with any professional gutter company. As professional gutter companies have the correct machinery to customize gutters to fit the needs of your commercial building.

Rain Chains Verses Downspouts

Whether you choose rain chains or downspouts depends on the initial needs of your commercial building. If you are needing a little more protection and would like to drain more water away from the building, then downspouts will be a good fit for you. If you are looking for a façade decoration to add a more relaxing touch to your building, then we would suggest the rain chain option. Always remember to check the measurements for water drainage that applies to your building as each establishment’s requirements could be different and commercial gutters are tend to slightly larger.

Choosing the best choice of gutters for your commercial building should not be hard task for you to do.  If you feel you could use the assistance of a professional rain gutter installation company call Legacy Gutters today!  We have the best team of experts in Colorado Springs to help you with all of your gutter needs. Cal Legacy Gutters at (719) 464-8945 to schedule your appointment now!

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