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Gutter Cleaning & Repair in Denver, CO

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How to Know When Your Gutters Need Repair or Replacement​

What do you do when you notice your gutters aren’t ready for another tough Denver winter? Rain, sleet and snow have the ability to do damage to your gutters. It’s vital that your gutters are working in the optimal manner so you don’t run into any unwanted surprises.
Legacy Gutters offers the services you need when it comes to maintaining and repairing your gutters. with fabricated gutters. However, let’s first help you understand what warning signs signal the need for repair.

Gutter Danger Signs

Home foundation: Mildew or Pools of Water

This means your gutters may not be performing optimally. They are supposed to flow water away from the foundation. Costly repairs will result if you don’t fix the problem. A clog or serious gutter system defect might be the cause.​

Splits and/or Cracks

A small crack or split always turns into a bigger issue as water continually wears away at it. If you notice cracks or splits in your gutters, don’t hesitate in taking corrective action. This leads to damaging your shingles, the foundation and the fascia boards. 

Sagging Gutters/Gutters Pulling Away

This is an obvious sign that you have problems. The extra weight caused by gutters that are full of water will result in this issue. Something might be blocking water or the gutters aren’t draining correctly. Get it fixed before major damage results. 

Underneath the Gutters: Water Marks/Damage

Check for this on a clear, sunny day. This signals that water is escaping the gutter and may lead to soffit and fascia board damage.​

Peeling Paint and/or Orange Flecks

Those orange flecks mean rust is starting to materialize. This indicates that water is pooling. Peeling paint also helps with identifying that water isn’t running through the gutter system properly​

Should You Repair or Replace Your Gutters?

Repairs will help when:
– Only a few cracks or holes need fixing
– Damage is limited to only a couple sections of the gutter system
– Only a few hangers need to be screwed in more effectively
– Only one seam or joint is leaking
You might need to replace the gutter system when:
– Sections keep separating
– Too many repairs needed (lots of holes, cracks, rusty spots, etc)
– Sagging pitch
– Buckling or denting
– Hangers refuse to stay screwed in
Do you notice some of the above issues but aren’t sure where you stand in terms of gutter  repair or replacement? Call us at Legacy Gutters. We have the expertise to help you figure it all out with our fabricated gutter systems. From there, we can help you repair or replace your gutters. ​

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