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Gutter Cleaning in Denver, CO

So, what is a gutter and why do I need one? If you’re new to home ownership, the purpose of a gutter is to collect rainwater/ice melt and funnel it off the roof and away from your house. That way, it will be relocated to a good drainage area. If not channeled off the roof, the water can start to seep in to your attic. In order to protect your foundation and the soil around your home, rainwater or snow melt will be guided away from your home, preserving the structural well being of your home. ​

​It’s important to clean your gutters so they continue sloughing water and ice off your roof. Gutters can be filled with dust, leaves, and ice, often leading to stress on the fascia boards or soffit. The fascia is the straight board that runs along the lower edge of your roof, and soffit is the material connecting the roof overhang and the side of your home or building. The fascia board is usually the only thing supporting the lower edge of the bottom row of tiles. Stress on these parts on the exterior can lead to a leaky roof, often resulting in damage inside your home. Gutters will protect your roof, your walls, and foundation, so it’s necessary you keep them clean. 

How Bad Can Clogged Gutters Be?

Clogged gutters can cause drainage issues, so eventually the leaking water can damage your foundation. During winter, ice can collect around the gutter discharge, resulting in a slip hazard on nearby walkways. Also, frozen water can avert snow and melting water drainage through the gutters. That can have the effect of snow melt freezing on top of your roof, which then turns to ice, and ice build-up can cause  leaking into the interior of the house. A clean gutter provides a proper flow of melting snow, especially important in cold Colorado. Surprisingly, gutter drainage can become blocked very easily. A few leaves or the accumulation of pine needles can inhibit the water from flowing, which can stimulate damage to your home. But how often should they be cleaned? Typically, debris should be removed twice a year, usually after leaves have fallen. To help you remember, when you complete other annual home tasks, like swapping the batteries in your smoke detector, that’s a good reminder to have your gutters cleaned. ​

Knowledge and training is required to clean out your gutters. Because cleaning them requires you to climb a ladder, it’s best to leave the job to a professional gutter cleaning company. Legacy Gutters has over 50 years of combined work experience and stands behind a promise of workmanship and customer service. With two offices in the Denver metro area, Legacy Gutters can help you determine if your gutters are clogged, damaged or need to be replaced.

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