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How to Keep Your Gutters from Freezing

When gutters fill up with snow that freezes or water turns into ice, homeowners can have a big problem. An obstruction that causes ice and snow to accumulate, and the common snow and freezing rain can cause gutters to freeze.

It’s best to take the proper steps towards preventing frozen gutters instead of having to reinstall expensive gutters or constantly tolerate a leaking roof. From DIY methods that you can deploy to defrost your drains and engaging the help of a professional gutter cleaning company that get the job done, be sure to consider the following preventive measures.

·         Install Gutter Guards

​Metal gutter guards with perforations prevent gutter clogs and sieve debris while shielding and sudden snowfall from compacting the gutters. They prevent freezing at the downspouts all the way from the gutters. With this, you have a clog-free gutter system and reduce the maintenance cost enormously!

​·         Have a Heating Panel Installed

Installing heated gutter guards that keep snow and ice from accumulating serves two purposes; keeping the ice and debris away. Once you have the lines on, you need to link your downspouts to the gutters, They provide warmth that melts ice, or they prevent gutters from freezing outright.

​This is the easiest way to defrost and thaw the frozen gutters.

​·         Maintain Clean Gutters

​You should clean out any build-up that can cause water retention in the gutters before the snow comes down. Use gutter cleaning tools such as a rake or spraying water to remove leaves, sticks, and debris build-up. This is a more preventable approach that you can deploy against cluttered gutters.

​Does Rock Salt work?

​Before resorting to using salt to unclog the gutters, you might want to ensure it will not have an adverse reaction. The salt can prevent and remove ice, but it can also cause corrosions, especially steel products.

​What Is The Danger Of Frozen Gutters?

​Frozen gutters can be dangerous as the solid ice and compacted snow put a strain that can loosen your gutters and cause more damages that necessitate repairs, such as roof leaks.

When water freezes, it expands. This pressure may cause your rain gutters to warp or crack under the added weight. The resulting damage to the walls, ceilings, and insulation could cost you thousands of dollars.

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