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Residential 6 inch Box Gutters in Colorado Springs and Denver

Legacy Gutters is proud to offer an assortment of Gutter Products to choose from when it comes to your gutter needs.  We offer residential gutter products and services and that includes six inch box gutters and  installation. 

While most standard gutters in residential homes are five inches in size, six inch box gutters are available for homeowners.  Oversized gutters are definitely an option to consider for your house.  However, most homeowners do not know a lot of the benefits that come with six inch oversized gutters. Or, if oversized gutters are the right choice for their house. 

Benefits of Six Inch Gutters for a Residential Home

Colorado, especially the Front Range can produce a lot of heavy rain storms during the summer.   Six inch gutters can handle about 40 percent more water flow than standard size gutters and our modern 6 inch box gutters look stylish, improving curb appeal. And, the oversized downspouts installed with six inch gutters move more leaves, twigs and other debris through them. This will allow the homeowner to clean their gutters less.  But, the real question is, “Does your residential home need oversized gutters?”   

Does Your Residential Home Need Oversized Six Inch Gutters

​There are a variety of factors that can help determine if your home could benefit from six inch gutters. First, the size of your roof matters, because a larger roof could benefit from larger gutters. But, the homeowner should also consider the pitch of their roof. Obviously, a steeper pitch makes the stormwater move faster, and that would require oversized gutters. If the home has a metal roof, the homeowner may benefit from six inch gutters. Metal roofs also make stormwater move faster than asphalt shingles. The oversized gutters handle the faster moving water way better than standard sized gutters. Many of today’s newer homes are built with more complex roof lines. And, because of this, it is not uncommon to come across roofs with areas large enough to collect water, which can cause a flood of water to be shed all at once. Oversized six inch gutters are better at handling this flow of water than standard sized gutters. There are other times when the six inch gutters are the best choice. If the gutter is over forty feet long, and only accommodates one downspout, the smartest option is the six inch gutter. If the home has upper gutters that are designed to drain into lower gutters, it is recommended that the gutter be upgraded to oversized six inch gutters. That way, the gutters can handle the increased volume of flowing water.

Residential Box Gutter Installation, Service and Repair Company

Our highly trained staff at Legacy Gutters offer a wide variety of services for your gutter needs. We are able to install six inch gutters for your residential home.  If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us today! We are dedicated and able to serve all of your gutter needs. Not only can we install gutters, but our staff can also repair your gutters.  We offer basic maintenance to your gutters to increase their lifespan.  Call or fill out a gutter installation inquiry now! We will get back to you promptly.  We are dedicated and able to serve all of your gutter needs.   

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