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Unique Commercial Gutter Shapes Installations

The most common gutter shapes are the K-Shaped gutter or U-Shaped gutter. The shape of the gutter is determined by the shape of the cross section of the gutter. There are more than just these two styles though you also have Victorian Ogee, Facia Gutters, or European style gutters.  The type of gutters you choose for your home or commercial building depends on what you are looking for functionality wise for your roof.

K-Style Gutters: This is the most popular style gutter chosen by home and commercial building owners. Some people believe they achieved their name by the actual shape, but it gained its name from a national registry that has them listed as option K.  They are popular because this style adds decorative attributes to the exterior of your home. Its style resembles that of crown molding in your home.

Victorian Ogee: For a very distinct look old Gothic look these gutters would make a perfect addition to any home or commercial building. It creates a unique and stylish look that anyone is sure to love.  They are shallow than your other styles of gutters, and the peak of your roof will help determine if they are a good fit for your home. Since they are more shallow than other gutters this means they can’t handle as much water as other styles of gutters. They are ideal for smaller commercial buildings and homes.

Fascia Gutters: These gutters are usually installed on homes and commercial buildings that do not have fascia boards already installed.  They can perform both jobs, that of a gutter and a Fascia Board.  This style of gutter is quite useful as it helps prevent animals and water from entering through the rafter tails. If you have the Fascia boards installed, they are less commonly used, but if you do not then these are a unique option to investigate for your home or commercial building.

Half- Round Gutters: Half Round Gutters are a great alternative to K- Style Gutters, as they still add curb appeal to your home with out the additional design that may not be desired that the K-style provides. These are a more traditional style gutter that complement homes and commercial builds that are trying to achieve a certain architectural style.

European Gutters: Similar to half round gutters, they are attached to commercial buildings and homes by a half round hanger and the beads are located on the outside of the gutter. These are great to enhance your commercial building or home and make them more aesthetically pleasing. The copper European gutters really enhance the beauty of your home or commercial building because they look as beautiful as the day they where installed to the end of their life. These gutters are normally recommended to customers who experience high volumes of weather changes such as hail, strong winds, and extreme cold.  They are generally made from a thicker material that is harder to detach from the exterior of your building without damage.  The downpipes are full round, this allows the gutters to perform better. Since they are wider this allows water to flow through quickly reducing clogs. Although this style of gutter does not work well with gutter guards, you won’t have to worry to much about it because the shape detours animals from calling your gutters home. Since they are more of an open concept, they allow debris to flow through with ease reducing clogs and maintenance.

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