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The Benefits of Gutter Guards

A gutter guard is a protective cover that filters out debris prevents gutter clogs from twigs, leaves, and other debris. Available in the brush, micro-mesh, reverse curve, screen, and foam types, these guards eventually save you time and money by reducing the cost of maintenance and home repairs.

​The Vital Role of Gutter Guards

​You are already aware of your gutters’ essential roles and the need to prevent them from damages. Clogged gutters because of pebbles, leaves, twigs, and other debris cannot effectively divert water from your roof surface to the drain located into the ground. This leads to water spills down the walls that cause foundation damage, basement flooding, and structural problems.

Gutter guards work, and here are some of the benefits beyond the primary role of blockages prevention.

​Save Time and Money

​Proper installation of these guards by a gutter company reduces the recurring stress of wasting valuable time on debris removal and your gutters’ unblocking. While the gutter guards do not eliminate maintenance, you save significant time for other essential things.

Hiring professional gutter cleaners to clear gutters can be an expensive affair. But, having your gutter guards fitted reduces this cost and saves your money.

​Prolong Your Gutters’ Life

​Metal structures can rust prematurely due to the moisture-laden debris in your gutters.  Gutter guards can make a significant difference in how much can build up in your gutters, allowing for water to go where it’s supposed to instead of causing roof or foundation damage.

Less overall gutter wear means you can expect the gutters to last for years.

​Faster Filling of your Rainwater Tank

​For gutters to maximize water flow, they must remain clear of debris. Well-fitted gutter guards ensure your rainwater tanks fill faster during the rains. Moreover, the water is likely cleaner and free from contaminated elements.

​Prevent the Gutters from Freezing

​Ice dams form when water trapped in a gutter freeze during cold weather. They can result in seriously clogged and cracked gutters.
You can reach out to any gutter replacement Colorado Springs provider to adequately install gutter guards that prevent the trapping of debris that can cause pools of stagnant water.

​Prevent Infestations from Pests

​Birds, squirrels, and tons of insects of every kind would want to make your gutters safe heaven. This, in turn, introduces a lot of additional wear, bug infestations, and the bacteria associated with droppings.
Modern guards prevent birds and rodents from renting your roof space, reducing the amount of stagnant water that promotes vermin breeding, such as cockroaches and mosquitoes.


​Gutter guards can be a good tool if properly installed, but they are not worry-free. They are a perfect solution for your gutters as they help you cut back on yearly upkeep, cleaning, and maintenance.

The downside to gutter guards is that they may not prevent pine needles, seeds, and other small debris from slipping through. Gutter guards are less likely to be effective in homes with a steep roof as the water may simply overshoot the guard.

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