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What are the Best Gutter Guards to Cope With the Colorado Winters?

Gutter Guards in Colorado

Winter in Colorado off the slopes is not always fun. The cold, snow and ice can play havoc with gutters.

Which type of gutter guard does your home need to stay protected?

Every winter, Colorado residents can see anywhere from 20 to 200-plus inches of snow. These weather conditions can wreak havoc on their gutters. That’s why gutter guards are so important.

These accessories help stop ice, leaves, pine needles, and even animals from clogging your house’s drainage system. Their role is to offer peace of mind for homeowners. With guards, there’s no worry about having to constantly check for ice dams & clean out your gutters.

The best models also prevent many of the problems that snow, ice, and frigid temperatures can cause during the winter months. So which ones are the best choice for winter in Colorado?Read on to discover what you should be looking for when choosing gutter guards for all the Colorado seasons.

What You Need from Your Gutter Guards during Winter

Dark Color Melts Ice

For gutter guard protection during the winter, a homeowner’s best bet is Legacy premium leaf filters. These gutter protectors are aluminum ridged, making them stronger and less susceptible to deterioration over time. They also deter birds, squirrels, insects, and other animals from creating nests inside your gutters.

Their unique ridging design allows for better water and debris flow through and out of the gutter tray. Debris never gets in the way of necessary drainage.

Furthermore, the ridges in these gutter guards are self-cleaning, which prevents clogging of your gutters. That’s a reason why these products have a 20-year no-clog guarantee.

When it comes to dealing with winter weather, these guards can resist the tough conditions caused by colder temperatures. When installing leaf filters over gutters, the Legacy team will recommend the darker brown leaf filter over white in order to capitalize on the sunny Colorado weather. The darker filter will warm to the sun’s rays, enhancing the ability of the filters to melt ice and keep water and snow melt flowing off of your roof.

The aluminum construction not only provides protection but also can improve your entire gutter system. It will help make your gutter strong enough to handle buildup from Colorado’s snow.

Thanks to the strength of these guards, your gutter system should also not have any issues with ice dams.

What Type of Gutter Guards You Want to Avoid

​The main type of guard that you want to avoid for winter in Colorado is micro-mesh leaf filters. While these gutter guards are being sold to many homes, these are designed for warmer climates where freezing and snowis not an issue. These filters are not likely to withstand rough Colorado winters.

The fine mesh clogs easily and allows snowmelt to pool up on top of the gutter filter, re-freezing as soon as the sun and temperatures drop down. This will lead to ice damming on top of your gutter and roof, causing additional freeze/refreeze issues and damage to roof and guttering.

Freezing and snow are a part of the Colorado winter season, which can render these types of gutter guards useless.

Going Forward

When deciding on how best to protect and maintain your gutters throughout the winter season, please keep these factors in mind. You want something that can take on the harsher temperatures, and handle the snow and ice that the colder months bring.

If you follow these guidelines, you should end up choosing the right type of guard. Do you have any other questions or concerns about your home’s gutters? If so, contact us at any of our Denver metro  or Colorado Springs gutter contractor offices  so we can help!

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