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Copper Aztec Rain Chain

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Welcome to Legacy Gutters! We are the premier rain gutter contractor in Colorado serving DenverColorado Springs, Pueblo, and can travel anywhere in-state. What is it that sets us apart? We offer solutions! Our top quality, warrantied products, along with our Lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee, ensure that our service is based primarily on our customer’s satisfaction.

We specialize in commercial and residential gutter replacement to address snow, ice, and rain water removal. We install and replace all systems including: 5”, 6”, and 7” residential (“K”) style, 6” half round (often copper), and our 7” commercial (“D”) style gutters. All gutter replacement systems are seamless gutters. The most common materials we use are: Aluminum, Copper, Premium Copper, Steel and Zinc. We use all Mastic products that come with a 20-year manufacturer warranty. We excel in leaf protection systems as well as snow rails and snow cleats for metal roofs. We are the only company in Colorado to offer Embossed Decorative Rain Gutters. We thank you for the opportunity to earn your long-standing business!

At Legacy Gutters, we understand that home exteriors should not only be beautiful, but also, they should be made from durable, low maintenance products that you can count on. This should include your gutter system. A reliable gutter system will go a step further toward protecting your home from the elements and help ensure that your siding, trim, and foundation will continue to last for years. At Legacy Gutters, we install leaf protection systems such as Leaf Sentry to give homeowners a solution that works the first time, every time. Our patented products give you peace of mind by strengthening your gutters and keeping debris out, allowing water to flow freely and maintain the beauty of your home with our Decorative Rain Gutter systems.

With over 29 years’ experience and all applicable licenses and qualifications including installation of over hundreds of thousands of rain gutter systems in Colorado’s unique climate – We are highly skilled and knowledgeable. This aids us in guaranteed satisfaction with every install. Each job from the most basic and straightforward install to the most demanding and complex, we accomplish at a competitive price. No contract is too small or too large for Legacy Gutters.

Gutter Installation

Let’s face it, rain gutters are not very exciting. Most of the time we never even notice them until the ice or rain pours over the gutter due to build up of debris,  or clogs. Rain gutters are designed to catch the water flowing off the roof from precipitation.

The water then flows down the gutter into the downspouts. The Downspouts divert the water away from your foundation. If water is not directed away from the home it can damage wood siding, erode brick and mortar as well as the foundation.

Gutters are meant to prevent damage to your home as well as help prevent basement flooding. Water is one of the most destructive forces of nature, so keeping your home dry should be one of your top priorities as a home owner!

​Our technicians are expert in all types of gutter installation with long term functionality in mind. 


Gutter Cleanings

Cleaning your gutters is mandatory maintenance to your home. Not cleaning your gutters can result in costly repairs such as foundation issues, soffit-fascia deterioration, as well as damage to siding, brickwork, and landscaping. Keep in mind, insurance does not cover damage from these issues. 

Gutter Repair

If your gutters are damaged from wind, hail, or any other natural occurrence, you may need gutter repair. These repairs are mandatory due to the damage a faulty gutter comes with. Much like a clogged gutter, your home could suffer irreparable damage. A damaged gutter system could cause water damage to the inside of your home.

For more information, please visit our pages about Ice Melt SystemsSnow Rail & Snow Cleat Systems, and Leaf Protection.

Gutter styles:
Decorative Embossed in 5” and 6”

  • 5”K”
  • 6”K”
  • 6”1/2 Round
  • 7” “D” Box

All Styles available in seamless and Copper, Zinc, Aluminum, or Steel.
Custom Sectional and downspouts available to meet arcatecchural specs, manufactured and installed adding beauty and elegance to the façade of your home.

Our custom Gutter systems will give your home a style all of its own and will increase the equity of your home. Legacy Gutters is the only company in Colorado that offers Embossed gutter services.

Our install procedures confirm to all proper industry standards including SNACNA.


Gutter installation in Denver, CO has never been easier with our newest location. We service residential and commercial seamless rain gutters also in the surrounding Denver areas like Aurora, Englewood and Lakewood. So if it is the best rain gutters you need installed at a great price, give us a call today!

Same Great Gutter Service, Anywhere In-State!

Colorado Springs

We also serve the communities of Colorado Springs and Pueblo, CO. Backed by years of gutter experience our reviews speak for themselves. See what we can do for your home or business rain gutters today! Give us a call for a no hassle rain gutter installation quote.

What You Should Know About Your Gutters

Rain gutters are one of the main contributors to the deterioration of your home. Over years of experience dealing with faulty and failing gutters, Legacy Gutters has learned the main contributing factors are one or more of the following: 1) poor design, 2) defective installation, and 3) nearly all are so poorly maintained that they have suffered damage or premature deterioration.

Gutter maintenance can be difficult and time consuming for home owners, and it is a commonly procrastinated chore. Many gutters are difficult or near impossible to access and require putting yourself at risk. According to a 2007 study by the Center for Injury Research and Policy: around 136,000 American’s end up in hospitals for ladder-related injuries each year. Proper gutter maintenance for homes with trees usually requires three to four cleanings a year (although for dry years, two cleanings should be enough). Legacy Gutters professionally maintains our client’s gutters as part of our standard seasonal maintenance. For those not in our service we highly recommend using an insured professional to clean your gutters .

A more difficult to understand fact has to do with defective gutter installations. Of the many (over 100,000) gutter systems we have cared for in Colorado, 88% suffered from blatant construction defects. Missing flashing, leaking seams, standing water, and improperly placed or missing downspouts are the most frequent issues. We also routinely discover improperly sized gutters, sloppy sheet metal work, and defective support mechanisms. The long-term integrity of a home’s structure is dependent on the effectiveness of its gutter system, but many builders and designers tend to overlook their importance.