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Expert gutter repair and gutter fabricator in Colorado Springs by Legacy Gutters – the leading local gutter contractor in El Paso county. We service all residential and commercial gutter systems and provide maintenance, cleaning, repair and installation services.
Gutter Repair & Maintenance Services in Colorado Springs

There are many factors that can wear on your gutters and deteriorate the quality and look of your home. Hiring a company such as Legacy Gutters to regularly clean your gutters or doing it yourself is highly important. Here are a few factors that can contribute to your gutters wearing down and what you can do to prevent it. 

  • Clean out guttersRemove leaves, sticks and other debris from gutters, so melting snow and ice can flow freely. This can prevent ice damming, a condition where water is unable to drain through the gutters and instead seeps into the house causing water to drip from the ceiling and walls.
  • Install gutter guards. Available in most hardware and home stores, gutter guards prevent debris from entering the gutter and interfering with the flow of water away from the house and into the ground.
  • Trim trees and remove dead branches. Ice, snow and wind can cause weak trees or branches to break, causing damage to your home or car, as well as injury to people on your property.
  • Repair steps and handrails. This may prevent someone from falling and being seriously injured. Broken stairs and banisters can become lethal when covered with snow and ice.
  • Seal cracks in holes in outside walls and foundations. Use caulking to protect water pipes and make sure that skylights and other roof openings have proper weather stripping to prevent snow-melt from seeping in.

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Features of the Legacy Gutters fabricated gutter guards and leaf filters with patented design.

  • No need to clean your gutters.
  • Leaves and debris will stay out of your gutters.
  • No need to climb a ladder to clean your gutters.
  • Your gutters will not attract mosquitoes.
  • Seeds will no longer sprout up from your gutters.

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