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5 Common Spring Gutter Issues

June 12, 2019

Like everything else you include in Spring cleaning, your gutters for your home should receive the Spring-cleaning treatment as well. Cleaning out your gutters for Spring is an important part of prepping for the season. It helps remove debris and buildup that can cause issues, as well as, be able to identify if there is any holes or leaks. Routine maintenance helps prolong the life of your gutter system, and helps you avoid costly repairs. Here we will talk about Five of the most common gutter issues you may experience when coming into the spring season.
1.)Damaged Gutters
Snow and ice from the winter months add additional weight to the fascia. This can cause the gutter system to separate and become cracked. If this happens, it may require new screws to help reattach and secure your gutters.  You can seal small cracks by using a waterproof caulk or sealant. If you see that your gutters have large cracks or holes they maybe to damaged to fix, and you are better off replacing them.2.)Clogged Gutters
Gutters should be routinely cleaned. Heavy Spring rains bring debris such as pine needles, twigs, leaves, and other debris that could cause your system to clog and back up. The solution for this is easy, simply implement routine gutter cleanings. If the materials are dry you can use a leaf blower or outdoor vacuum to clean out the clogged area, and if it is wet debris, you can use gloves to clean out the debris from your gutters. To prevent clogs, you can also call the professionals at Legacy Gutters, so they can recommend gutter guards.3.)Clogged Downspouts

If you experience clogged downspouts this could be due to debris blocking the drain or due to ice from the winter not being melted all the way. To fix this issue simply feed a garden hose through the opening, and by flushing out the downspout it should break anything that could cause a potential clog. You can also flush out the down spout from the top this will clear out any remaining debris.

4.)Bent Gutters
There can be a variety of issues that can cause a gutter to bend, separate, and buckle. Heavy wind, rain, or over hanging trees can cause damage to your overall gutter system. If this is something you are experiencing, minor issues can be repaired easily. Separated or cracked gutters are an easy fix, but if your gutters are crushed or bent that may be a littler bit harder to fix. When damage like this occurs, you need to call your gutter professionals and replace the damaged areas.

5.)Problems Cause by Animals
We must be mindful of the critters that call our backyard home. Animals such as birds, bugs, squirrels, and rodents could take up residence in your gutter system.  For insects, flushing out your gutters is an easy fix, but for birds and other animals they may need to be gently relocated. Remember to avoid using cleaners or poisons as   it may cause damage to your gutters as well as contaminate your yard from water draining from your gutter system.

For all things gutter-related call the experts at Legacy Gutters. Our experts will be happy to assist you with any gutter issues you may be experiencing. Call (719) 464-8945 to schedule your appointment today!

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