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The History of Gutters

Like a lot of things in the modern world, gutters aren’t something we think about when we think about how or when they were invented. Rain gutters have become an intricate addition to our homes and business to help run water away from the foundations of our buildings. Overall, protecting the structure.

.The history of the common rain gutter dates to between 1500 and 3000 BC and originated in the Indus Valley Civilization. The original gutters where constructed from bricks and burned clay. The Romans also partook in creating the early development of gutters between 27 BC and 14 AD. The evolution of gutter technology really started to gain momentum when the Romains brought the technology to Britain in 47 AD. The Rapid Spread of the Norman Empire caused a shift in architectural development with the introduction of stone roofs and parapets.

Starting in the early 1700’s cast iron was a material that was affordable and readily available revolutionizing the history of rain gutters. Due to its affordability and availability cast iron became the replacement for lead in the manufacturing of early gutter systems. As gutters started to gain popularity, we saw wooden gutters more and more frequently on the homes of the wealthy and public buildings. Due to their aesthetically pleasing nature and functionality, the wooden V-shaped gutter continued to gain popularity well into the 20th century.

The 20th century revolutionized implementation of the gutter systems. With the development of new technologies, we where able to discover new materials and systems that make installing and shaping gutter material even easier. The invention of metal rolling machines created opportunity for the development of half round steel gutters. This helped create a material that was more durable and had a longer shelf life than the wood gutters we grew used to seeing over the centuries.

In the 1960’s, the industry was adding more ways to improve the functionality of the gutter system. With the invention of seamless gutter machine, industry leaders, were able to create a lighter and stronger gutter system.  To this day, aluminum, continues to dominate in the gutter industry. Creating an affordable material that can be used both for residential and commercial buildings.Although gutters have evolved through the centuries, the outlet has stayed the same. The outlet still sports a small hole that needs to be cleaned regularly. Keeping the outlet clean and free of debris allows for maximum water flow and performance of the gutter system.

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