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Why Gutter Size is Important Anyway?

January 21, 2019

Gutter size is important because various sizes roof require different sized gutters to reduces the risk of water damage. If your gutters are unable to perform correctly due to be the wrong size, then there is no reason to have gutters at all.  There are three factors that go into helping you and your gutter company choose the correct size. These three factors are the area of the roof, roof pitch, and rainfall rate.

These three factors help you determine whether you need a 5″, 6″, or a 7-inch gutter for your roof. Larger roofs tend to collect more rain, therefore requiring you to install a little wider gutter to handle the waterflow. The roof pitch is another factor that helps determine which gutter is best for your home. The steeper the angle of the roof the faster the water will run off the roof and into the gutters. Steeper angled roofs also allow for more wind-blown rain to accumulate on the roof at a faster rate.  The roof pitch for most homes range from 4:12 (which is considered a low pitch), to a 9:12 (which is consider the max) The residential gutter experts at Legacy Gutters can help you determine the size of your pitch when they come out to assess your roof. You can measure it yourself, but for safety reasons we would prefer you to stay safely on the ground.

Rainfall rate is another factor to take into consideration when determining the size of your gutters. For Colorado Springs, the rainfall rate is not too bad, on average we usually receive about 20 inches of rain per season. The heavier the rainfall is in your area, maybe a factor and require wider gutters as well. Legacy Gutters takes all these factors into consider when determining the best sized gutters for your home or commercial building.

Improperly sized gutters can be detrimental to your roof in the long run. If rainwater does not have the proper run off capabilities it will create overflow and it will be as if you do not have any gutters at all.  Overflow creates a waterfall effect, when you have no gutters, clogged gutters, or improperly sized gutters, you can create foundation damage and flood crawl spaces or basements causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage overall to structure of your home or commercial building.

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